Thursday, September 17, 2009

//FALL 09//

Hi everyone!

We are now accepting proposals for Forum Fall 2009. As Forum directors, Patrick Gantert (sculpture) and Lauren Payne (photo), we are very excited for this opportunity to work with you all! We are looking forward to taking on the Forum gallery as a site in which new ideas, interactions and connections begin between Cranbrook students and within the larger community.

For new students, Forum serves as our on campus gallery. At this time you are invited to submit a proposal to curate a Forum show during the Fall season. Forum shows last for one week, openings are on Fridays from 6-9.

We would like the curators to offer insight into each exhibition and to illuminate their opinion and criteria for curating their show. For this reason, we require curatorial statements for each show. The length and content of the statement will be left up to the curator, but all exhibitions will be contingent on the curator completing a text in response to their chosen work.

And finally we have a blog for Forum to act as an archive and online source for the broader art community. For this reason curators will also be required to submit 3-5 images that represent their exhibit along with their statement before each show. Also we can post your call for submissions if that is something you feel would help. You can check it out at

If you have any questions or concerns please email us at

The deadline is to be determined, but expect the beginning of October. Please print them out and turn them in to Patrick in his studio in sculpture or Lauren in her studio in the Hangar.

Thank you,
Patrick and Lauren