Monday, February 9, 2009


Different Eyes, Same Direction : Relationship
Curated by Ina Yun

Artists : Michelle Harris, Elle Kim, Denny Spasova, Lauren Payne, Hsin-Chun Wang, Ina Yun

Here we have six different artists from six different backgrounds. They all share one of the most common theme, relationship. However these six artists' stories are far from being common. Through artists' works presenting their own process, we can appreciate how sublime our lives are and rediscover ourselves in many different kinds of relationships that we may have forgotten. Filtered through their eyes and emotions, their experiences form into unique shapes.

Each of them are on their paths of fundamental quest of finding their true inner self. But they approach it differently in terms of process, expression and form. Lauren is interested in how we analyze ourselves and how we interact with other people when one has gone without having an intimate relationship for an extended period of time. In this piece WTF I Hate My Body, she confronts herself. Wang tries to define a new relationship between private and public space with semi-private door. The door is a signal to tell people about the condition in the other space. The dialog between the two spaces is what he wants to explore through this piece. Elle presents a complicated and delicate relationship of people through weaving threads. Every challenge or change we face in life is a journey. Through challenges from change in environment and new relationships with people around her she transforms and discovers who she is and who she wants to become. Ina begins relationship with everybody in Cranbrook. She borrows their personal belongings that have special meaning to them. Through casting their objects with paper, as an outsider, she documents her wish to make new relationships with them. Denny is interested in the relationship between her memories from the past and the present. In the midst of complex cluster of various shapes and lines we start to see the connection between her past and present. Michelle is interested in interactions that express the harmony of image and sound. Her work explores experiences that expose intellectual questions to empirical processes and reflection. We can participate in her work by connecting ourselves physically through the actions required to view the work, or choose to take a more passive stance.

In reality, relationship can mean various things to various people. It contains people, place, things, memories and emotions. Here we get to experience different levels of emotional temperature from six different artists.

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